Brighter Horizons Academy
An accredited non-profit organization with the sole purpose of helping children and young adults to bright futures. We focus on culture, religion, education and activity. Brighter Horizons Academy admits grades Pre-K through 12.
Muslim Yellow Pages
A non-profit, leading business directory in the classified advertising market. MYP connects buyers and sellers within the Muslim community. Proceeds from the directory go towards helping to grow the Brighter Horizons Academy.
My Islamic Books
Dedicated to providing Islamic education to children. My Islamic Books has three series to its name: “I Love Islam”, “Learning Islam”, and “Living Islam”. Each series has expanded from a domestic presence to an international presence in just 15 years.
Quran Institute
Islamic Services Foundation provides an avenue to an advanced memorization of the Quran. The Quran Institute offer a a part-time or full-time memorization program in addition to specialized summer programs and certification programs to encourage complete memorization of the Quran.

Asalamu Alaykum

Islamic Services Foundation

ISF (Islamic Services Foundation) is a non-profit organization established in 1989 by a group of Muslim families in the Dallas area dedicated to establishing an educational institution conducive to an Islamic environment that would not only provide a great academic foundation for the children of the community, but also a strong Islamic foundation that would benefit the Ummah/community in years to come.

The first ISF project, Brighter Horizons Academy (BHA), has blossomed to over 1,000 students and has graduated high school graduates since 2002. To this day, it continues to provide a positive learning environment for Muslim children in the DFW area and to deliver leaders for our Ummah that are not only academically prepared for the real world, but have a solid Islamic foundation to help them navigate the challenges faced by young adults on a daily basis and stick to their beliefs and values.

Additionally, ISF has expanded to include a few other entities:

  1. Brighter Horizons Academy – 1st-12th Grade Accredited College Preparatory School
  2. Little Horizons Academy- PreK & KG Islamic Preschool
  3. My Islamic Books Series – Books designed to help teachers and students in Islamic studies throughout North America, taking what was developed for BHA and sharing it with other Islamic schools.
  4. The Muslim Yellow Pages – Bringing businesses and consumers together.
  5. IQI, (The ISF Quranic Institute) – Designed to facilitate a strong Hifz program for parents and students seeking that extra edge. Graduating over 100 Huffadh, as of 2024.
  6. BHA Sunday School- Sunday School program offered at the Brighter Horizons Academy campus in Garland, Texas

Career Opportunities

in the DFW area
Careers at Brighter Horizons Academy
Careers at Islamic Services Foundation
Careers at Little Horizons Academy
Mission and Goals
Some of the key goals for ISF are:

ISF Vision
“An Empowered Muslim Community”.

ISF Mission
“To provide world-class quality services to the Muslim community by incubating organizations that are focused on positive social change”

Offer education conducive to an Islamic learning environment.

Initiate and guide an integrated Islamic personality and help Muslims in North Texas learn and practice Islam.

Establish and maintain Islamic educational institutions.

Promote and conduct business related, moral, intellectual, social and cultural programs.

Offer the Muslim business communities Islamic business-type ideas that mobilize and coordinate the community's human and material resources.

Promote friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Endeavor to make Islamic teachings known to interested non-Muslims.

Taraweeh 2014

Progress 2013

BHA Expansion Project in Progress


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ISF Operations

Br. Issam Karim

ISF Executive Director

Br. Daoud Okkeh

Assistant Director / MYP Manager

Br. Mohammad Mubarak

ISF Publications

ISF Board of Directors

Dr. Ehsan Sayed


Sr. Ruba Kuzbari

Vice President

Br. Mahdi Al Hallak


Br. Isam Habboush


Br. Waleed Gabr

Da’wah Secretary

Sr. Sumayya Khatib

Member at Large

Br. Suheib Omran

Member at Large

ISF Shura Committee

Br. Belal Bairuti

ISF Shura Committee President

Br. Tariq Alsmadi

ISF Shura Committee Vice President

Sr. Waed Almallah

ISF Shura Committee Secretary