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ISF Publications is proud to offer complete sets of Islamic studies and Arabic curriculums to schools and Muslim homes in North America. With over 400 Muslim schools using our textbooks, the “I Love Islam” series is one of the best-selling Islamic curriculums in the US and Canada. Our books have earned positive reviews from teachers, students and parents alike, and our curriculums continue to develop year after year. The use of our books has also expanded internationally, with growing customer bases in the UK, Australia, Bahrain, Jordan, the UAE and other countries. ISF Publications was established in 2002 under Islamic Services Foundation, a Muslim non-profit organization dedicated to educating Muslims worldwide.

Islamic Services Foundation (ISF) was established in 1989 to serve the Muslim communities in North America. Dedicated to providing Islamic education to our children, ISF established Brighter Horizons Academy in 1989 and since then, the school has flourished to become the largest Islamic school in the southern US. Over the years, teachers and administrators at BHA noticed that the school did not have an effective Islamic studies curriculum capable of reaching students’ hearts. As a result, the school board assembled a team of teachers and educational experts to search for a powerful Islamic studies curriculum that would captivate the minds of Muslim students, especially of those living in America and the West.

Despite a long and exhaustive search, the team could not find the right curriculum. So in 2002, ISF Publications was established to take on the responsibility of developing one from scratch. Three years later, the first series, “I Love Islam,” was completed and sold to numerous Islamic schools across the country. In 2011, ISF Publications expects to complete its high school series, “Living Islam.” Since the creation of the Islamic and Arabic books, the profits generated from sales are invested back into the development and enhancement of the curriculum as well as various ISF projects including the Quran Institute, Texas Islamic Courts and the expansion of the BHA campus.

Key Points:

  • National and International Distribution
  • ISF textbooks are implemented in hundreds of Islamic schools and educational settings
  • ISF’s innovative series of Islamic studies textbooks for grades 1-12 offers educators a new model for effective Islamic studies teachings
  • Conduct training for principals and teachers of Islamic schools of North America
  • The aim is to inspire learners to “learn, love, and live Islam”
  • The Islamic studies curriculum is offered in three series:
    • “I Love Islam” for grades 1-5
    • “Learning Islam” for grades 6-8
    • “Living Islam” for grade 9-12

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