Our Membership

The membership of the ISF shall consist of “Regular members”, “Associate members” and “Honorary members”.

An Associate member shall be any Muslim who has paid the Associate membership fee, wishes to be an Associate member of the ISF, and agrees to obey the constitution and the generally accepted practices of the ISF. An Associate member shall not be eligible to vote in any election.

A Regular member shall be a Muslim living in the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex who has paid the required Regular membership fee, wishes to be a Regular member and satisfies one of the two following requirements:

  1. A person who founded and/or substantially supported the ISF before the first of June 1990, his name shall be listed in the bylaws of the Shura Body.
  2. A person who has been an Associate member for at least 6 months, nominated to become a Regular member by the Executive Committee (EC) and approved by a simple majority of the Shura Body (to be defined in the next article). Once approved, the Associate member becomes a Regular member immediately. The nomination and voting procedures are described in section 3 of this article.

The membership for a Regular member shall be revoked for any member who does not attend three consecutive meetings without a previous written or oral notice to the Shura committee. A member whose membership has been revoked should go through the standard process of a new application.

An Honorary member shall be any person who substantially supported or is supporting the ISF and is nominated by the EC and the Shura committee. An Honorary member shall not be eligible to vote in any election.

The nomination for a new Regular member shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Shura Committee of the ISF. It shall include a summary of the activities and capabilities of the nominee. This nomination shall be filled and signed by the Executive Committee of the ISF within six months of receiving the application. The Executive Committee should have evaluated the applicant’s abilities and activities within this period. The secretary of the Shura Committee shall inform all Regular members by mail within two weeks of receiving the nomination. The voting process shall be conducted by the Shura Body in its next regular meeting.

To become a board member, Click Here to download our form. Please fill it out and submit to it to the ISF office.